Executive Business Portrait Suggestions

*During COVID 19 Please bring your own Lint Brush and Hair    Brush or Comb to your photo session.


Your Executive Business Portrait is the face of your company.

We recognize the importance of your image and have a few friendly suggestions.

Men, a dark business suit without stripes and a well pressed, free

of wrinkles, solid white or light colored shirt works the best.


Grooming is important. A freshly washed face free from oily skin

and a clean shave or trimmed beard the morning of the photo shoot keeps

you looking sharp. 


Hair should be combed or brushed prior to your portrait.


Your tie can be close to corporate colors or simply a tie of your choice. 


The knot in your tie can be a half or full Windsor. Keep the knot tight. 


Women, a dark business suit without stripes or polka dots and a wrinkle

free solid white or light colored pastel blouse works the best.

Wear makeup and lipstick as you normally do. Finish with a natural

translucent powder to set makeup and keep shine down. If you do not

wear make-up a little translucent powder can smooth out skin tones and

keep shine down.

Optional is a little extra mascara will bring out the features of your eyes.

Hair should be combed or brushed and hair spray to tame any stray hair

prior to your portrait.

Jewelry is best kept simple. Please keep necklaces short so they do not

disappear into your blouse.


In general, well fitting clothes are important. Avoid clothing that is too

tight, and conversely not so big as to be draping. Stay away from

turtlenecks, busy patterns, plaids, sleeveless or short-sleeved

shirts/blouses unless you are wearing a business suit to cover up.


Re-touching is additional and a great tool to remove any blemishes, scars,

circles under the eyes and reflections in glasses, so please don’t

worry we can help you.

If you have any questions please call ahead of time, we will be

glad to answer any of your questions.  


Most of all remember to relax and have fun.



                 David Frechette


PH# 586-295-9484